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Article: 2020 Guide To Transition Season Styling

2020 Guide To Transition Season Styling-ROMAN USA
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2020 Guide To Transition Season Styling


As we enter the new season and the temperatures start to drop, styles evolve to fit our needs. Every new season is an opportunity to find ways of expressing oneself through style, and at ROMAN USA the new season brings rich seasonal tones, lush fabrics, and ornate embellishments of

the most opulent quality. A wardrobe overhaul is not an easy task, but we've made it our mission to help our gorgeous clients complete their seasonal styling effortlessly, with 3 Seasonal Styling Rules that will never fail you. We present to you, the Fall 2020 Transition Season Style Guide.

3 fall styling tips 

The 3 cardinal rules of styling warm-to-winter weather outfits are are follows:

1. The Transition Property

2. The 8 Point Property

3. The Finishing Touch


The transition property holds that anything that can be worn in the summer can be worn in the fall, though not necessarily vice versa. Do you feel like wearing that plunging v-neck cowl dress in October? Do it! Just toss it over a ribbed turtleneck with a heeled bootie and you're off to the pumpkin patch. This is an incredibly effective way of stretching your closet, and being fashion efficient (which in the long run is very sustainable and therefore eco-friendly as well!). Be sure when you're rotating your items not to put away every piece that shows a little skin without first checking how it would look with a fuzzy sweater or a trench coat.

A classic turtleneck is a Seasonal Essential. Layer it under jumpsuits and printed dresses, or pair it with a skirt and longline blazer for a New York City classic look. Take a turtleneck inventory and try to keep 3 in neutrals and 3 in colors to pair with various seasonal outfits.

This gorgeous Deep-V checked dress is a perfect example of a versatile transition piece. You can wear it in the summer with a lightweight or sheer top with a shorter sleeve, and then keep it in your closet through the winter to pair with a thicker ribbed sweater and tights!

This gorgeous Deco Print skirt features a beautiful mix of muted warm neutral tones with a pop of muted mint color in the print, making it the perfect transition piece. Pair it with a turtleneck layered under a sleeveless silk top in mint or beige for the perfect fall look!

2. the 8 point property

The 8 Point Property is a rule in the modeling community that applies a point system to styling elements, where the ideal outfit has 8 points or less. 1 point for solid or neutral elements, 2 points for prints/patterns/embellished pieces. Check out the 8-point system on the outfits below!

  • Jacket - 1 points
  • Pant - 1 point
  • Shoes - 2 points
  • T-shirt - 2 points
  • TOTAL 7 points

  • Blazer - 1 points
  • Blouse - 2 points
  • Pant - 1 points
  • Shoes - 2 points
  • TOTAL 6 points

  • Top - 2 points
  • Blazer - 2 points
  • Pant - 1 point
  • Shoes - 2 points
  • TOTAL 7 points

3. the finishing touch

Every outfits needs a Finishing Touch. For the transition season, that's your outerwear pieces! The finishing touch brings the whole outfit together and makes a statement in itself, be it bright and bold or subtle and elegant. If you're into the clean, classic look that might be a statement trench coat in a neutral color; if your look is sporty chic, we'd recommend a cute bomber jacket; for a sexy, edgy look our leather jackets are the perfect piece; and for your classic #BossBabe outfit, we've got a stunning array of blazers in various cuts, colors, and prints to offer! Outerwear is essential for this season, so make sure to prioritize your outerwear options.

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