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Article: PINKtober; Its significance and organizations helping women across the US

PINKtober; Its significance and organizations helping women across the US

PINKtober; Its significance and organizations helping women across the US

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is commemorated internationally in October. The aim is to raise awareness and show support to people diagnosed with breast cancer. The goal of increasing public awareness and understanding of breast cancer is to urge people to get themselves tested and screened for it. Such awareness efforts could aid in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. 


Quick stats

Breast cancer is among the most prevalent cancers in women.  However, the important thing is that this can be cured if diagnosed and treated at the early stages of cancer. In her lifetime, one out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is nearly 100 percent curable when detected in its early stages.

Unfortunately, many people in the country are unable to afford primary healthcare for cancer detection in its early stages that could save their lives. A wide range of activities are held internationally in October including walks and runs as well as the pink lighting of iconic buildings.

Different sponsors collaborated to launch "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (NBCAM) in 1985 to promote awareness and raise funds for cure research. Major sponsoring bodies were the American Academy of Family Physicians, AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation, CancerCare, Inc. Organizations, and charities are working to raise awareness about breast cancer, along with its care, and prevention.

In this article, we will list down the prominent foundations helping women fight the disease across the US.


American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF)

American Breast Cancer Foundation is a national non-profit organization aimed at helping the underprivileged and uninsured people with screenings and diagnostic testing of breast cancer. Their sponsors for donations and charity include different industrial organizations including Auto-nations, NCS vehicle donations, PL Developments, Pure Fishing, and Under Armor. ABCF has launched campaigns to generate mammograms for 5000 people this summer. This campaign used sponsor contributions and individual donations as well. 50,000 early screenings and detections services were granted by ABCF to under-served people. Such oriented campaigns positively influence awareness by inspiring and informing women from diverse backgrounds.


United Breast Care foundation (UBCF)

United Breast Care foundation is a nonprofit organization that is utilizing the charitable services from Nifty Autos in collaboration with sportsmen’s autographed flagship competitions by involving the public. This foundation is also sponsoring CLTMotorSpdwy that is representing their organization in “Drive for the cure 250.”

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Breast Cancer Foundation | Susan G. Komen® 

Susan G. Komen Foundation is an advanced innovative research-based organization that is currently focused on critical metastatic breast cancer MBC treatments. Their aim is to eliminate cancer through high-quality research in the medical field. While their services include education, screening, and treatments of breast cancer patients. Their partnership is aligned with 38 corporate members. Their partners contributing in support and donations. It includes Hallmark that assists in designing keepsake ornaments.

Dallas Cowboys football team has invested in their research program and awareness campaigns Dallas Cowboys | Susan G. Komen®. Echelon ( has provided apparel, accessories, fitness equipment, and machinery. Prolacta Bioscience Inc. (Prolacta Bioscience Inc. ( donated 25000 US Dollars to this research center. The organization is also using social platforms for awareness and donation campaigns for MBC treatments of patients at stage IV.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a non profit organization that aids in connecting individuals with resourceful information and support communities. This organization was founded by Marisa Weiss, an oncologist who specializes in radiology. It provides patients and concerned people with medical information and emotional support. Their platform organized education programs and fundraising campaigns for donations. They offer to ask the expert sessions, concerning queries from patients and informative conferences. Univest is their featured sponsor for information and support Univest | Living Beyond Breast Cancer ( Their donations are received by selling products funded by their sponsors and partners. 

Summing up

Hands down to the brave women who have fought or are still fighting their battle with breast cancer. We truly hope that this article helps women looking for help to fight it off. We appreciate the efforts the aforementioned organizations are doing to improve the lives of countless women. If you know any woman struggling to find the right help, feel free to share.


Here’s to the brave women out there. We hear you!

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