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Article: What's Lani Wearing?

What's Lani Wearing?-ROMAN USA
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What's Lani Wearing?




what's LANI wearing? 

Lani Inlander

Real Life Style | Owner & Chief Stylist

Lani Inlander is the owner and chief stylist of Real Life Style, a style consulting firm that teaches busy women to wear their power, so they can live their lives fully and confidently.  Lani has been helping clients all over the country look and feel put-together for over 20 years. Her fashion expertise has been featured in In Style, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Slate, and Washingtonian. She has styled segments for major television programs, including Oprah Winfrey and The View, and dressed some of DC’s most recognizable names. She is deeply passionate about empowering clients through fashion and helping them find clothing and accessories that fit their figures, suit their style, and boost their confidence.


"Wearing a powerful outfit that makes me feel confident is a must for work, even when working from home. My daily work clothes need to communicate my style without intimidating clients.  They also need to be comfortable enough for the physical labor of personal styling. I’m regularly digging shoes out from the back of closets, sitting on the floor to pin clients’ pants, and shopping all day."

"Weekends with kids lean more towards Athleisure, but I still want to feel confident if I run into a client. I look for casual, comfortable, pieces with style. Some of my favorite weekend pieces are sophisticated graphic or patterned tees and a giant navy zip-up Roman sweatshirt with red velvet ties. One of my kids likes to crawl into it and pretend it is his Kangaroo pouch! That sweatshirt got me through a week in California with my kids, including a cold, wet trip to Disneyland."

lani's roman faves

I have so many! My super star piece from Roman is a green, pink, and gold Butterfly jacket. It looks as good paired with jeans as it does with a little black dress for a formal occasion. This jacket is one of the most complimented items in my wardrobe. I love it so much that I told two of my clients to buy it too!

My favorite Roman basics include grey flannel and black twill cropped, wide-leg pants. They are my go-to pants for looking and feeling fashionable and comfortable during a super long work day. I also have a collection of the most perfect ivory blouses for under blazers. Both Kyle (another RLS stylist) and I bought the same black sweatshirt dress. That dress gets as many compliments and questions of “Where did you get that?”, as my brightly colored dresses! 

 her wish list! 

Now let’s talk about my wish list! If there had been Inaugural balls this year, I would have worn this burgundy gown. These jewel toned blouses are perfect for Zoom and date night (when that is a thing again). These burgundy semi-flare ankle pants blend seamlessly into my wardrobe. And finally, this long-line grey striped blazer is a perfect candidate for regular wear!

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