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Article: What's Cassandra Wearing

What's Cassandra Wearing
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What's Cassandra Wearing



Join us as we explore the creative and colorful style profile of Business Consulting CEO and Professional Life Coach Cassandra Grace!


Over a year ago, a tall blonde woman walked into our store for the first time. She was so curious, excited, and chatty about fashion, like a kid in a candy store! She tried on our boldest gowns and fell in love with the styles. Fast forward to today, that same woman has a closetful of ROMAN pieces, and important places to wear them! 

As a CEO and fashionista, she always looks her best and picks outfits that emphasize her bold personality. She has infectious positive energy, amazing confidence and is uniquely herself. She recently became a published author and we couldn't be more proud of her. We are so excited to introduce Cassandra Grace and share her feature Style Profile:  "What's Cassandra Wearing?"

Snapshot of an empowered Cassandra

Because of my appearance, my height, my features, my energy, etc., I am impossible to miss.  I stand out in any crowd, especially now that we all have to stand six feet apart.  I have embraced this boldness in every aspect of my life and it is the energy that I am tapping into to fuel the growth of my company, Graceful Change.  ROMAN clothes allow me to express this unmistakable energy in a memorable way. The boldness and drama of your clothes are a pure expression of my own boldness and my own drama and serve as an immediate conversation-starter wherever I go, whoever I am working with.  Whether as CEO of my company or out on a date or matching my outfit to a story I am sharing on my online platforms, ROMAN clothes empower me to express my authentic self in a way that I never have before.  

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Exuberant. Creative. Authentic.

What's your favorite way to elevate daily looks?

 I love coordinating my eye makeup with my outfit.  Fashion is an expression of the soul and the eyes are the window into that soul.  I want people to notice me for what I'm wearing and then connect with me through the sincerity and passion that I express through my eyes, so I think of my eyes as the most important accessory to whatever I am wearing.  


Your pieces are as dramatic and bold as my personality yet there is a class and an elegance to them that never feels anything less than high fashion.  Every piece I've purchased feels like an investment that continues to pay dividends.  The value for the cost is incredible.  There is NOTHING in my closet from ROMAN that just hangs there - the pieces are timeless, infinitely wearable, and they have evolved along with me as I transition.  I've had flings with other brands, but my love for ROMAN clothes is a relationship that I know will endure.

What's your go-to ROMAN USA piece?

Sheer pink wrap-around top. It is my go-to piece for making an unforgettable first impression.  I wear it to first dates, I've featured it on my Instagram more than any other piece.  It represents the perfect harmony of edgy and classy that I love about Roman clothes.  My most memorable piece is the crushed velvet gown, because it is so over-the-top extra but in a way that I can pull off.  I remember seeing it hanging in the store during my first time shopping there and thinking "There is NO WAY I will ever have the courage to try that on." And of course, as soon as I tried it on I had to have it.  

What's a closet piece you have way too many of?

Skirts! I have a go-to handful for now, but especially when I was in my younger phase of fashion I went and bought so many skirts because I though they're so cute and girly and fun, but I definitely have upgraded and use a selection of favorites, and branched out with other pieces.

How does ROMAN fit into your lifestyle?

Since I began my transition in early 2019, my life has changed dramatically and with incredible speed.  Whether online with my social media, in my personal life, or as a businesswoman with global ambitions, ROMAN has evolved along with me as I finally engage with the world as the woman who has been waiting a lifetime to emerge.  Alongside the clothes themselves, my relationship with the women who work for your company has been one of the highlights of this experience.  To be accepted as one of them, to be treated as a VIP customer, to walk into the store and hear from the ladies that they saw my outfits on social media, to be part of a story in which we are all learning about acceptance of different perspectives and identities, to represent the transgender experience to a community that may not have had that much exposure to it....this is all incredibly meaningful to me personally.  

What's your color?

I have 3! Purple, Yellow, & Black.


We've put together an online collection of Cassandra's Closet, so you can take some style inspo and dress boldly, with a curated selection of Cassandra Grace's favorite ROMAN pieces!

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