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This week we wanted to touch on a new initiative on behalf of ROMAN USA. As we all know, the global ecological crisis is escalating at an alarming rate and we have decided to enact a campaign that shines a light on our responsibility to practice eco-conscious consumerism, and the importance of giving back.

Owing to the recent tragedy of the Rainforest fires, not to mention Caribbean hurricanes, and overall warming climates, we feel the need to take action towards the restoration of the world's most priceless ecosystem in Amazonia.

In August, we became official partners of One Tree Planted, an organization which helps businesses give back to the environment by contributing a portion of our sales to ecological efforts. With this partnership, we will be helping to save the earth - each and every item you take home will plant ONE TREE! More items, more trees.

We launched the count on September first, and since then we have planted over 300 trees AND COUNTING! We are so proud of this initiative and of the impact that our business can have, because in taking from the earth for every aspect of our lives from our food to our energy sources, it is important to give back whenever possible. We are also proud to be providing not only a high-quality product, but a meaningful consumer experience to support an issue which affects us all in such a seamless way - every time you shop, each and every individual item you go home with isn't just helping YOU look and feel fabulous, it's helping the planet look and feel fabulous as well! We are excited to continue this project all the way through to December 31st and see just how much more we can grow. Every item counts. Every purchase is powerful. Come in-store or shop online and plant a tree with us today!