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Article: International Women's Day - Marsha Malone

International Women's Day - Marsha Malone-ROMAN USA
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International Women's Day - Marsha Malone

Marsha Malone
VP, Strategic Account Executive (SAE)

Marsha Malone is a Vice President in the Leidos Strategic Account Executive (SAE) organization. Malone’s focus is the Department of Justice, Treasury and Housing and Urban Development. In this position, Marsha has responsibility for supporting strategic initiatives and expanding relationships with senior Executive Branch officials and industry executives throughout the Federal market. Formerly a Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s Washington Operations for ten years, Marsha moved to Leidos, as a result of their acquisition of Lockheed Martin’s $5B Information Technology Line of Business.

Marsha Malone has a distinguished 35 plus year career in information technology (IT), supporting Federal, State and Local markets.  Marsha’s IT career started as a mainframe salesperson for Honeywell Inc.  After 21 years with Honeywell Federal Systems (HFSI), she joined Cabletron Systems as Director of Business Development.  Marsha was promoted to Vice President of Cabletron’s Global Federal Sales Organization in 1996.


Q: Describe yourself in 3 words

A: Blessed, Tenacious, Grateful

Q: What inspires you and why?

A: My mother was my inspiration. Always trying to be better and to do better was how I was raised. My Parents worked hard to provide a better life for us than they had growing up. And we knew it! A solid education was the key, but we were also expected to be kind and to always walk with a sense of humility, remembering all those who came before us and the sacrifices that were made by our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. My mother reminded me to “Always be a Lady”, “Find a good job and Work hard” and she was a living example of all of her lessons

Q: Who’s your style Icon 

A: Lena Horne

Q: Do you remember your first time at Roman?

 A: My sister, Saundra, walks the malls during inclement weather to get her 5,000 steps in each day. While walking in the Tyson’s Mall she noticed the new Roman store and called me, excitedly telling me about how unusual and wonderful the styles were. I made it a point to visit the store the very next day. I immediately fell in love with the clothing, the knowledgeable staff and the store. I was amused one day while shopping in Roman when a very stylish woman entered the store and she turned to the Woman with her and said, “Mother, I just love this store”. I laughed thinking to myself, “this is how Everyone feels about this store”!


Q: Why Roman?

A: The style and design of the clothing are outstanding and so very unique. For example, the blouses are so feminine and unusual. They can make an outfit all on their own and especially when paired with a simple pencil skirt! If you want to look like you really care about the clothes that you wear, select a suit from one of Roman’s collections. If you want to stand out in your play clothes, choose one of Roman’s jumpsuits!! One of my favorite After 5 dresses is what appears to be a simple, fitted black dress until your gaze reaches the bottom and you see all the feathers! How special is that! I feel like Roman is one of my best-kept secrets!


Q: How will you celebrate International Women’s Day?

(Sunday, March 8) I’m having Brunch with all the Female Members of my family who live in this area.  Our ages range from 29 to 72!  We will talk about our Goals and Successes and Inspire one another to “Be Better and to Do Better”!

Q: What is your message to Women on this day?

We must have a sense of urgency about Diversity and Inclusion. There is a war for talent going on all over the World and we must not be left out or marginalized. Our input is vital to ensure that the World continues to value Women, Children, and People who look and think differently.

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