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Article: ROMAN USA Style Swap


ROMAN USA Style Swap

Happy Best Friends Day!


In honor of Best Friend's Day, we did a Best Friend's Style Swap! Two of our clients styled each other using exclusively ROMAN USA pieces from the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, and today we're revealing their selections.



Lourdes selected a chic and modern look for Mayte, featuring this structured cotton shirt dress with a fun detail and geometric flare throughout the design, including strappy neck details, triangular lines, and a flattering waistline. To accessorize, all you need is a simple summery bracelet such as this nautical green knot accessory, and to continue the geometric theme, this pyramid purse features diamond deco pattern as well as a tan and black color scheme for the perfect summer accessory!

Sailor Knot Bracelet

Black Shirt Dress

Pyramid Purse



Mayte selected for Lourdes a fun pop of color, which goes well on ladies with dark hair! This cap-sleeve blazer style wrap dress features a vibrant and fun shade of fuchsia that's a perfect summertime piece to combine classic cuts with fun colors. The accessories are perfect for lourdes, who enjoys classic and neutral completer pieces. The pearl earrings are a fun take on a classic pearl earring with a drop-style, and the tan and white contrast purse is a handy neutral piece for the modern woman.

Notched Wrap Dress

Contrast Bag

Pink Pearl Earring


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