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Article: Styled By Sakina

Styled By Sakina-ROMAN USA

Styled By Sakina

styled by sakina

Summer 2020

One Blouse, Three Ways!

Styled by Sakina Iskender, COO

This week we gave our founder Sakina a fun styling exercise - take any one piece from the collection, and style it 3 ways! This week we highlighted our Black Cotton Oversized Blouse, a stunning and universal piece made of 100% cotton with a lightweight and breathable fit for any occasion.

Boho Chic

boho chic

This first look will feel like floating! The spotlight Blouse is 100% cotton and these Crop Cut Balloon Pants are airy and breathable making them perfect for the summertime. The fabric moves with you and provides all-day comfort for any occasion, whether it's everyday errands or lunch dates with friends. Throw on a single accessory, we recommend our Jewel Set Wire Cuff, and head out with your favorite tote. It's a stunning outfit built from closet essentials!

Effortless Glam


This look brings full glam with practically zero effort, it's a dream for our everyday fashionistas who love to dress up daily! The oversized cut and balloon sleeves on our cotton blouse are chic, timeless, and so flattering. Paired with our flattering Accordion Trim Panel Skirt, the flowy and airy pieces are perfect for summer and on a rainy day you can tie it all together with our statement coat featuring an original Art Deco design print exclusive to this collection!

Monochrome Mood


If you're all about monochromatic looks and A/B color contrasts, this outfit is perfect for you. Pairing our spotlight Blouse with this stunning and comfortable Wide Leg Short makes for an easy breezy summer style. Don't worry, you won't overheat - the lightweight and breathable quality of the fabrics is our stylish loophole for wearing all black in summer! Add our Colorblock Handbag and Pearl Earrings for subtle glam contrast statements and you're ready to step out in style.

What are you waiting for...

...time to get styling!


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